Beef & Cabbage Curry


Continuing with the cabbage theme I present this latest recipe find. The recipe is originally posted on but I’ve made a few adjustments to make it more of my own.

The cabbage soaks up the flavour of the curry and gives the impression of noodles whilst actually being good for you and cheap. If you want to bulk the curry out even more simply add more cabbage, you’d be amaze how much 400-500g of beef will stretch, which is always good to know in the current economy.

The cabbage should ideally be green, simply for aesthetics, though any white cabbage can be used. Red cabbage shouldn’t be used, although it comes from the same family as white/green cabbages they are cooked in a very different way. In this particular recipe I’ve used savoy cabbage but other ordinary green cabbages are perfectly fine to use. For tips on how to prepare a cabbage, check out my blog for a step by step guide in my Grandmother’s Buttery Cabbage Recipe.

Beef & Cabbage Curry

Preparation to Plate: 30 minutes

Serves 2-4

Serve Hot

Consume within 2 days, keep refrigerated


400-500g Minced Beef

2 Cabbages, chopped

1 White Onion, chopped

3 Cloves of Garlic, grated or crushed

1-2tbsp Fresh Ginger, grated (can use ground ginger if no fresh ginger around)

1-2tbsp Curry Powder, as mild or hot as you like

Pinch of Ground Cloves

1tbsp Red Chilli Flakes

Ground Black Pepper

Coconut Oil

Small Knob of Butter (approximately 2tsp)



In a large pot put the coconut oil, chopped onion, garlic, ginger, curry powder, ground cloves and black pepper, cook over a medium heat until the onions are soft and translucent.


Once the onions are soft add the minced beef and stir into the pot. Once the mince is almost completely browned start adding the cabbage.


When I did this I slightly under estimated the size of my saucepan to the amount of cabbage I ended up with so I ended up putting it in a larger pot. Add all the cabbage to the pot with the knobs of butter and clamp on a lid. Let it steam in the meat juices for about 3-4 minutes before giving it a good stir, ensuring the cabbage is mixed into the beef.

IMG_4766 IMG_4770 Put the lid back on and let it cook for a further 5 minutes until all the cabbage is soft and takes on a brighter consistency. Serve in a bowl and enjoy.


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