Bacon, Broccoli & Cashew Salad


It has been a long time since my last post, but I haven’t stopped thinking about good recipes for you all. The idea for this recipe came to me when I was thinking about breakfast ideas which don’t involve eggs, and bacon was a logical place to start. When I actually made this recipe first time around I was surprised how versatile it is, in terms of what meals it can be used as. The recipe makes for a good breakfast as well as lunch or dinner but also as a sharing snack. The sharing snack option works best if the broccoli florets have long stalks. Tender stem broccoli doesn’t really work in this recipe but still just as tasty.

If anyone has young children and you want them to get to eat more broccoli this is the recipe for you, once you try it you’ll see what I mean. The recipe itself is very easy and uses very few ingredients, if you want to double/triple the recipe, simply to make more, I recommend only doubling the amount of broccoli and simply adding an extra half of everything else i.e. for doubling the recipe you use 2 whole broccoli and 3 rashes of bacon (not 4); the recipe will be just as good with these proportions and it also keeps the costs low on the more expensive ingredient, bacon.

When buying bacon for paleo recipes you want one with the lowest concentration of nitrites in it, and ideally it should be unsmoked. You want bacon that hasn’t had much done to it, other than what it needs doing to make it bacon.

Bacon, Broccoli & Cashew Salad

Preparation to Plate: 8 minutes

Serves 1-2 people

Serve Hot or Cold

Consume within 1 day


1 Large Broccoli Floret

2 Rashes of Unsmoked Bacon

1-2 tsp Coconut Oil

Handful of Blanched Cashew Nuts

Chilli Flakes



In a frying pan or skillet heat the coconut oil over a high heat, once melted snip in the bacon rashes. Cook for a couple of minutes until the bacon starts to brown at the edges and it loses its translucency.


At this point add the broccoli and clamp on a lid. Allow the broccoli to fry in the oil and bacon fat for a few minutes then shake the pan (with the lid on) to toss the broccoli. Do this a few times to ensure the broccoli gets a good coating in bacon fat.


If you keep the lid on it also allows for a small amount of steaming to ensure the broccoli cooks. It should be browned in areas but it won’t be covered, as you can see below.


Once it’s cooked leave the lid off, if you leave it on it will continue to steam the broccoli and it will make the florets soft where as they should be crunchy but have no taste of raw broccoli. Add the cashew nuts and shake over some chilli flakes for some extra spice.

If you’re making it for your lunch at work shift workers it will keep in a tupperware just make sure it has cooled down otherwise it will just steam in the tupperware and not taste very nice. If you’re having it now then serve in a bowl and enjoy.



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