Breakfast Frittata


Although I am trying to create and find non-egg based recipes for paleo breakfast I couldn’t let this one go without telling you all about it. The recipe is very quick and very easy, it will do all the work for you once it is in the pan so you can even get yourself ready for work while your breakfast is cooking (yes I have done this). The recipe comes from Paleo Hacks so all credit goes to them for this; it is great for breakfasts or even for a paleo picnic now that the weather is improving (sort of).

I will say that the serving suggestions from Paleo Hacks was serves 4, however it does serve 1 quite happily, yes I was very hungry! If you’re serving it for breakfast I’d recommend serving it with some other vegetables such as my Balsamic Beets, a shredded carrot salad or a dish of spinach and kale; this will also make it go further. I’d also recommend using a flat, deep bottomed frying pan, preferably with a lid, not a skillet or wok. Anyway, on to the recipe!

Breakfast Frittata

Preparation to Plate: 15 minutes

Serve Hot or Cold

Keep refrigerated

Consume within 2 days


8 Eggs

1 White Onion, chopped

1 Ripe Avocado

White Pepper



In a deep bottomed frying pan, over a medium high heat, melt a nob of butter and fry the onions until soft and turing translucent. Season the onions with some white pepper. In a separate bowl add the 8 eggs and whisk with a fork. Now peel the ripe avocado and cut into either cubes or slices, or however you like your avocado. Put to one side once done.

Once the onions are cooked pour over the eggs ensuring that it goes into all the sides of the frying pan. Clamp on a lid and leave to cook for between 8 and 12 minutes over a medium heat. I would recommend you come back once or twice and run a pallet knife around the edge to prevent the edges from burning. Once you’ve done than, shake the pan until you see the frittata move in the pan (this again prevents burning).

The frittata will be done when there is no uncooked egg on top i.e. it is all solid. It will look quite pale but that’s ok. Now turn out the frittata onto a service plate and place the avocado around it, serve and enjoy!


Additional Service Suggestions:

To add some extra protein into your frittata, cook some mushrooms in butter with the onions before adding in the egg.


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