Like most people I have been introduced to the concept of paleo eating from the CrossFit gym I joined back in 2011. All around me I saw people pushing themselves to the peak of fitness, their secret was paleo eating. I found the concept fairly easy to follow in theory as I lead an already healthy lifestyle in terms of what I cooked and ate, however that didn’t quite cut it for CF training.

The problem was nearly everyone I spoke to about it worked a 9-5/regular hours job, often at a desk, and they were all saying how easy paleo is to do. That’s great for them, but us ‘poor sods’ who work 12 hour shifts, days, lates and nights in stressful environments are not so ‘lucky’ in that respect and often get forgotten about when it comes to healthy recipes.

Doing shift work whilst trying to do paleo, I found, was practically impossible initially, it seemed that no matter how hard I tried my body still cried out for the chocolate bars, sweet treats and biscuits, which in the ambulance service are very hard to avoid as they’re everywhere (Blood, Sweat & Tea and all that).

I decided enough was enough, I was determined to find a way to eat 100% paleo food whilst doing shift work by finding and making recipes which would last for a few days that were easy to prepare and cook so minimal time was wasted either pre or post shift or even on days off. I will be posting recipes which I’ve either invented, adapted or found that are 100% paleo as well as any hints and tips I have on making them. This blog is for shift workers who want to eat paleo and also for any other paleo eaters and crossfitters out there who want recipe ideas.

I will say now that I am not an authority of paleo eating and do not know all there is to know about it, I’m still learning myself so I will get things wrong. I’m also very interested in the science behind it and will do my best to post current scientific literature, conversations I’ve had with other health care professionals around paleo eating and basic physiology in relation to paleo, however it will mainly be recipes and ideas to help others that I found helpful for me.

Always welcome tips and hints from other paleo eaters and health care professionals. Hope you enjoy this blog!

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