The Ambulance Smoothie


I cannot believe that it has been a whole year since I first posted on I did not think the blog would have been going for this long but the audience seems to be growing and growing. Am very grateful to all those who have helped to advertise the blog, taste my recipes before I post them and guide me along the route of paleo eating. It’s certainly been a great experience.  In order to celebrate this 1 year anniversary I give you The Ambulance Smoothie.

This smoothie is a perfect way to start your day or even end it. The Ambulance Smoothie is a Paleo Paramedic original recipe and very quick to make. If you’re running late, never skip breakfast simply get these ingredients out and make this smoothie. The smoothie will keep for a day but I wouldn’t recommend having it in the fridge for any longer as the key with this smoothie is using fresh ingredients. Since the smoothie is also raw you don’t lose any nutrients, vitamins and iron from the ingredients. I have heard a lot about raw diets recently and how we should be eating more raw food. I’m still researching raw diets so watch this space. To top it all off the ingredients for this smoothie are all green, yellow and blue, which are the colours on am ambulance!

The Ambulance Smoothie

Preparation to Plate: 4 minutes

Serves 3

Keep refrigerated

Consume within 1 day


100g/½ Bag of Kale

100g/½ Bag of Spinach

1 Head of Broccoli

400mL Water

1 Avocado

1 Banana

300-350g Frozen Blueberries

1tbsp Cinnamon (optional)



In a blender or smoothie maker add the 400mL of water and then add the kale. Blitz the kale until it’s all liquidised then do the same to the spinach.


Add the broccoli to the smoothie and blitz again until it’s all incorporated and smooth. Now add the avocado, banana and cinnamon to the mixture and blitz again.


Finally add the frozen blueberries and blitz until smooth. Since the blueberries are frozen they will thicken the smoothie and make it a bit creamier as well as refreshingly cool. Once all combined put into a travel mug and take it into work or enjoy at home before or after your shift.


Additional Notes:

I have been playing around with the ingredients for this recipe and I personally found that if you make it with the broccoli you need the higher quantity of blueberries in the recipe. The broccoli isn’t an essential ingredient but it just adds another green vegetable to the mix, which is always good for you. My advice would be to try it with the broccoli and see how you find the taste but as always adjust it to your own personal taste.



3 responses to “The Ambulance Smoothie

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  2. This was awesome, suprisingly filling. I admit I did whimp out on the broccoli, i will try adding it next time. Thanks for sharing!!

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